Extremadura Solidarity Corps II

Asociación Multideportiva Euexia is currently looking for one Romanian volunteer for the European Solidarity Corps project “Extremadura Solidarity Corps II”, for volunteering in a Psychiatric Center. “Extremadura Solidarity Corps II” is an ESC project aiming at providing authentic inclusion to people with mental illness through teamwork, sports activities, artistic workshop (ceramics, music, theatre…), mutual relationships of trust and friendship and through the awareness of each one’s dignity and value. The main aim of the project is to promote the inclusion of people with fewer opportunities and to build a more human society.

Activities (in the psychiatric center): helping people with mental illness, intellectual disability or other mental disorders in their daily job, organize free time activities with them such as board games, dancing, sport, walking, handcrafts, drawing, gardening, outdoor activities… Hosting Organization: Centro Sociosanitario de Plasencia