A team of 24 youth workers will participate in a seminar (5 days) hosted in Beius, Romania, to develop/improve key, professional and personal competences in an intercultural and dynamic environment, thus having the opportunity to share cultural heritage elements of each partner country and to know Romanian history. Participants will be familiar with similar issues in the realities of other countries, developing understanding of intercultural dimension and tolerance in European activities aimed at young people, especially disadvantaged youngsters (socially, economically, geographically or educationally).

Objectives of the project:

1. Developing the competences of using social media tools in order to promote and improve the quality of the activities with youth;
2. Improving social-civic and European citizenship competences of 24 youth workers, to promote community-based volunteering and participation in democratic and civic life among youth;
3. Developing transversal competences of 24 youth workers to motivate and involve young people to participate in community projects and programs, in order to capitalize their potential.