Are you a MEDICAL OR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL who wants to use your professional skills to help others?

liberatED is a Romanian charity aimed at reducing human trafficking through education and increased community awareness.

Romanian citizens are one of the most commonly trafficked nationalities in Europe for both labor and sex trafficking. Statistics indicate that as many as 51% of victims of human trafficking in Romania are children.

liberatED's mission is to:

  • EMPOWER over 5,000 at-risk children through protective education by 2025
  • EDUCATE over 2,000 future and current medical professionals to identify and refer victims of human trafficking by 2025
  • DELIVER community education to raise awareness and knowledge of human trafficking in 100+ communities in Romania by 2025
  • CREATE dialogue and promote change at a national and international level by reaching 1,000,000+ people though campaigns and advocacy by 2025

For more information about LiberatED visit www.liberated.global